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  • ALGoldenCorp's Vision

    Simplifying and emerging business and relations between all involved parties.

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  • ALGoldenCorp's Motto

    Listening, studying, analyzing, and steering business towards new and appropriate strategic directions.

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  • ALGoldenCorp's Objective

    Support companies to create, develop and sustainably preserve their competitive advantages in highly competitive context.

Here is ALGolden Corporation

With us, your business is surely succeeding

Based in Algeria with branches in UAE and Tanzania, in long term partnership with more than 10 international reputed manufacturers and suppliers, ALGolden Corporation is leader in supplying equipment, products, material and providing smart & cost effective solutions mainly in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Water Treatment and construction for Tanzania, Uganda markets and other countries.

ALGolden Corporation is created in order to provide support to manufacturers and suppliers of material and services to get smoothly business opportunities, provide economic environment and legal advice.
ALGolden Corporation, your strong and trustable partner, is totally dedicated to the development of your performance. We are offering a large range of services to achieve together your success.

Our Goal is contributing to the success of our partners by helping them get a head start, build the groundwork for business operational excellence, make technology a force and motivation the engine of their performance.

ALGolden Corporation is a Management Consulting and Smart Solutions Hub, we are engaged to deliver advanced solutions and services to businesses that want to grow their business through our strong experience and skills, modern organization and proven approach. This is guaranteeing that we are a successful Management Consulting firm which commits to delivering innovative solutions and measurable results.

ALGolden Corporation is playing an important role in providing intelligent solutions with the innovation and development to our customers and facing the emerging need the latest technology. Our company is characterized in the field of Petroleum, Petrochemical, Mining and water treatment and other Industries by offering unparalleled sourcing, procurement, logistic and all associated trading and technical services.

Oil & Gas!

Worldwide leader providing solutions, smart Consultancies, sales of material and services, distribution and all related business and services in oil and gas industry.


Innovative Management Concepts to improve the growth ; efficiency of organization and projects with a strong focus on management strategy.


Improve your skills ; capabilities and meet the business goals.


Offering free and prompt advice from our Consultants team to get best opportunities.

Business solutions!

Innovative Business Solutions to enhance performance, leveraging the strengths of the organization and understanding the risks present in any process or project to take the steps necessary to minimize them.

Business Cooperation & Partnership!

Business Cooperation and Partnership with strong firms to provide best, competitive, and smart solutions in Oil & Gas, Energy, infrastructure sectors and others.

ALGolden Corporation, branch of ALGolden Group is highly experienced firm with partnership with more than 10 manufacturers and partners from Europe (Italy, Spain, Netherland, Germany, France), UAE, India, China, and other countries. Through our strong and large experience, skills and our partners capabilitiers, we are able to successfully help our customers growing and succeeding their business projects.

ALGolden Coprporation!

Sales, SCM, Management Consulting and Smart Solutions Hub


Management, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Leadership,
Communication, Creative tolls and Digital Solutions.

A Few Featured Blocks

Designs That Work!

Partnership benefits

Our partnership is to be designed for two major reasons: more sales and profits, less cost.

Flexible Organization!

Plans to Become More Flexible.

Our firm is flexible to willing to apply new methods and processes. Our Company is always looking for ways to find something that works more efficiently than what we already have.

Sales Force!

Marketing Management Tool

Our Sales Management is translating the marketing plan into marketing performance, helping as well to automate sales force management functions.

98% Success Rate

89% Conversion

97 Satisfied Partners

97 VERY Satisfied Partners

Employee Satisfaction Rating

Project Management KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) must be critical for projects

Quality KPIs

S.M.A.R.T (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Time-Bound)

New Opportunities Consultancy!

Consultancy on practical and successful experiences

Support our Partners to improve the efficiency of bidding processes for specific highly competitive environment.

Tendering Management!

Tendering management service

Provide practical approach that is comprehensive and highly efficient.

Sales & Business Service!

Provide the required materials and services

ALGolden Corporation provides a wide range of material, services and all required assitance for partrners.

Early warning system and new opportunities alerts!

Early warning system and tender alerts.

Tender guidance, advice and project management!

Tender guidance, advice and project management.

Tender preparation and submission of documents!

Tender preparation and submission of documents.

Skills transfer and capacity building!

Skills transfer and capacity building.

Tender Improvement through knowledgeable guidance!

Tender Improvement through knowledgeable guidance.

Cost analysis & Market research!

Cost analysis & Market research.

Here we are!

Here we are!

Write To Us!

Write To Us!

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