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  • ALGoldenCorp's Vision

    To be a pioneering company with a multinational dimension, using smart and international best practices and being according to our fundamental values.

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  • ALGoldenCorp's Motto

    Building long-lasting cooperation and partnerships for valuable and sustainable development.

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  • ALGoldenCorp's Objective

    To provide the industry with the highest quality advanced and tailored equipment, products, services and solutions with the technical expertise and operational support required for all needs.

ALGolden Trading Corporation

With us, your business is surely succeeding

Considered as one of the leading companies, Algolden Trading Corporation is committed to offering a wide range of equipment, machineries, materials, spare parts, electronic and electrical parts. Besides, Algolden Trading Corporation provides cutting edge and best-in-class services and smart solutions, sourced from trusted suppliers around the world and manufactured using the best available technologies and in accordance with the international industry standards applicable in different sectors such as mining, oil and gas, power, textiles, water treatment, construction, new technology solution, digital platforms, environment and others.
ALGolden Corporation is created in order to provide support to manufacturers and suppliers of material and services to get smoothly business opportunities, provide economic environment and legal advice.
ALGolden Corporation, your strong and trustable partner, is totally dedicated to the development of your performance. We are offering a large range of services to achieve together your success.

Our Goal is contributing to the success of our partners by helping them get a head start, build the groundwork for business operational excellence, make technology a force and motivation the engine of their performance.

ALGolden Corporation is a Management Consulting and Smart Solutions Hub, we are engaged to deliver advanced solutions and services to businesses that want to grow their business through our strong experience and skills, modern organization and proven approach. This is guaranteeing that we are a successful Management Consulting firm which commits to delivering innovative solutions and measurable results.

ALGolden Corporation is playing an important role in providing intelligent solutions with the innovation and development to our customers and facing the emerging need the latest technology. Our company is characterized in the field of Petroleum, Petrochemical, Mining and water treatment and other Industries by offering unparalleled sourcing, procurement, logistic and all associated trading and technical services.

Oil & Gas!

Worldwide leader providing solutions, smart Consultancies, sales of material and services, distribution and all related business and services in oil and gas industry.

Supply Chain Management!

Streamline the SCM by providing the required expertise and to source high quality, high specification products at competitive prices.

Water Treatment & Desalination!!

Highest quality products and materials for wide ranges of temperature, pressure, corrosion protection and efficient movement of fluids through complex networks


Advanced accelerator of agricultural products trading and provider of highest quality materials and solutions to guarantee the safety of the processing and manufacturing process.

Renewable energy!

Providing intelligent and advanced solutions enabling technologies that offer promising solutions to achieve renewable and sustainable energy pathways with uninterrupted service.

Business Cooperation & Partnership!

Partnership with strong firms to provide best, competitive, and smart solutions to our customers and facing the emerging needs for the latest technologies.

ALGolden Trading Corporation is the leader and the best choice that is totally adapted to meet the complex needs and requirements of the market that support our customers by providing approved certified products and promoting cost effective and smart technical solutions to meet their needs.

ALGolden Trading Coprporation!

Vital hub for the development and promotion of foreign trade through innovative solutions and modern techniques.


ALGolden Corporation is leading, facilitating and promoting trading and providing our partners with smart, modern and well-researched partnership and business packages in the various sectors such as: oil and gas, mining, textiles, information technology, digital platforms, environment and energy, health and among others.

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